Since the ancient age, people are using Ayurvedic oil massage as their medication in Korea. The 5,000 year’s oldest procedure of healing your mind and body is now a gift for today’s generation people.

   Ayurvedic oil massage is a traditional and holistic way of medication method, which is followed by many people to get over their illness.

   Ayurveda means life-science, which can blend the mind, spirit, and health with its magical power and keep your life balanced.

Reason of Preference:

   According to Ayurveda, rather than fighting with the illness inhumanely, love and affection is the panacea to curtail it from the roots. So OutCallmassageSeoul provides us the era of comfort and satisfaction, which make many people come over here and explore some exotic environments.

   Now we people are leading a stressful, toxic life, aren’t we?

   To overcome day-to-day stress, anxiety, toxins, obesity, and much more physical or mental illness, we need a break or ‘me-time’ and go for the Ayurvedic oil massage.

   Ayurvedic oil massage can magically cure the illness of the inside-out by a standard order with its richly filed oil ingredients which give the aroma of wellness.


   According to Lord Buddha, ‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, faithfulness is the best relationship.’

   Sometimes we people neglect our health only for running after the temporary wealth which may be power, money, services but we leave the prime health, which is our inner health.

   Let’s explore some health benefits of Ayurvedic oil massage:

  • Eliminates body impurities and cleanses the entire body.
  • Controls anxiety and gives emotional strength.
  • Cure the muscle cramps and activates them naturally.
  • Manages blood circulation and maintains oxygen level.
  • Smoothens and nourishes body parts.
  • Ensures weight loss through proper health management.
  • Avoids sleeplessness.
  • Helps to get relief from chronic pain.

Some vital etiquette:

   The vital thing is when we go for a massage, we desire that someone could guide us with the appropriate therapy.

   So here we share some mostly used and effective massage methods which can guide you smoothly:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage

   There are some methods or etiquettes which will move you towards the world of comfort:

  • Environment plays a vital role in a perfect oil massage, and however we know about the right place for our proper treatment, we first need to set up an environment, which will provide a perfect ambiance for an excellent treatment.
  • Consider a room that should be perfectly cleaned and dust free, you can go for bed sheets which either should be disposed for your hygienic purpose, or you can also go for white and clean bed sheets that should be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Then set the bed, instead of a soft or floppy bed you can choose a quite hard-surfaced bed that can help you while massaging.
  • The light should be in the deem state and sparkle some colored rays just like the moonlights in a night.
  • Soft music emanating at the background acts as the perfect healer for your mind that fulfills the sole purpose of the massage.
  • Then remove your clothes and get half bare, there is nothing like the shame of them because according to your requirement we will be providing you the therapist.
  • Then try to get rid of the external thoughts and let your mind be free, relax your body entirely, feels the aroma of those essential Ayurvedic oils and breathes perfectly.
  • We suggest before you go for the massage to take a bath, have some food before two hours and water before one hour because it’s in the massage criteria.
  • Our therapists will first clean you and apply the selected oil on your body parts, massage all your body parts with required pressure, release all the body knots which will provide you the relaxation from the chronic back pain, swelled arched neck head, and this finally helps in weight loss.
  • After the session ends, the process of cleaning is done with the help of a hot towel, and the rest of the oil is dissolved in the body.
  • After this relaxing session, lightweight garments should be worn, and this gives you comfort, heals the pain, and rejuvenates the mind.

   So pain sufferers stop crying for the pain and go for the Ayurvedic Oil Massage, “a perfect healer for all your ailments.”

   All right everyone, I hope our blog will help you to learn about Ayurvedic oil Massage and select the correct type of the therapy you need!