In 2016, it’s estimated that massage therapy may have made for a $6 billion industry. Since then, it’s grown considerably.According to researchers, massage is now estimated to be a $16 billion industry in USA alone.Massage is gaining popularity across the world, with an increasing number of people seeking out massage for a variety of reasons. At the same time, the number of massage therapists is inching upward from year to year, even as the industry grows and revenue increases. If you’re new to the field of massage then we will try to cover the present massage trend in this blog.

Trends in Massage Therapy and Health Care

Years ago, mainstream medical practitioners were suspicious of massage. Some of them considered it harmless at best, while others lumped it together with other alternative modalities (such as chiropractic treatment) as nothing more than a waste of their patients’ time and money. In recent years, though, this has changed dramatically. Part of the reason for the change is the number of people who have begun to broach the topic of massage with their doctor or another health care practitioner.  According to a research as many as 50 million adult had talked to their doctor about the potential benefits of massage at some point in the past year, massage therapy recommended to them by their doctor. The statistics are similar amongst chiropractors and physical therapists, with 40% of chiropractors and 46% of physical therapists recommending a patient seek out massage following an inquiry from one of their patients.

Additionally, both massage therapists and clients want to see massage further integrated into the health care industry as a whole. According to survey data, around 64% of population said that they want their insurance to cover massage therapy. Meanwhile, virtually all massage therapists — some 97% — say that they believe massage ought to be considered part of the health care field.

What Do Client Want? Trends for 2019

 As a massage therapist, your job is to cater to the needs of your clients. Every client is different. Some come in with a sports related injury, while others might be suffering from chronic pain that’s been with them for years. Still others may have suffered an acute injury as the result of a car accident or something similar. And, of course, there are a large number of clients who simply want to de-stress with a massage every now and then.

The question is, what do your clients want from you as a massage professional?

First, clients appear to be demanding an increasing amount of personalization as part of their overall massage experience. The average client doesn’t want to receive the exact same massage that everyone else gets when they come into your office. When a client comes in, they feel that they should be able to describe their current condition — sometimes at great length — and then have you formulate a customized treatment strategy for their particular issue. As a result, you’ll need to ensure that you stay up to date on a wide variety of massage modalities and have the tools necessary to offer your clients what they want.

Additionally, clients are increasingly interested in preventative health care. While many clients will continue to come to see you for medical- and injury-related reasons, it’s becoming more and more common for people to seek out massage as a kind of preventative therapy. With this in mind, you should expect some clients to come to you with a generalized desire to simply “feel better” and “take care of themselves.” Knowing how to talk these clients through their experience, explaining to them the various benefits of massage therapy for their overall wellbeing, will help to ensure that they keep coming back as a repeat client for further preventative care.

The Future of Massage

 The massage profession is changing rapidly, but all signs currently indicate that things are looking good for massage therapists.