University professor, England

Leah is a very skilled masseuse and both my visits with her have been wonderful experiences. When I visited her at her salon, she welcomed me in and gave me a cup of tea. We chatted a little before the massage began, and that helped us feel a sense of rapport with each other. I undressed and lay on the proper massage bed. When Leah massaged me, she was like a virtuoso pianist playing a sonata. Her hands moved easily up and down my body with differing degrees of intensity, giving me tingling feelings in my arms, legs and back. It was great. The music that she put on during the session helped me to relax and really go into the zone. I have had a lot of massages in different places but none were as skillful or as dedicated as Leah. She is also truly a beautiful person inside and out, and a very classy woman. I recommend anybody to make a booking and enjoy her massage. I’m sure you will come again.
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